How Wise Are You?

by myvaadmin on July 15, 2015

There are two kinds of wisdom: the wisdom of man and the wisdom of God.

Man’s wisdom consists of:

  • Knowledge
  • Experience
  • Reasoning
  • Character
  • Philosophy
  • Intellect
  • Intuition
  • Discernment

God’s wisdom consists of:

  • Perfect Knowledge
  • Perfect Experience
  • Perfect Reasoning
  • Perfect Character
  • Perfect Truth (not philosophy)
  • Perfect Intellect
  • Perfect Understanding (not intuition)
  • Perfect Love

When you are faced with a decision or concern, be careful not to depend on the wisdom of man because it is limited and narrow in scope.  It can be easily tainted by fear and self-protection.

Instead of depending on the wisdom of man, which will ALWAYS be limited in some way, turn to God and His wisdom.  He will never let you down.  He will often ask you to do the very thing you think will hurt you the most, but His ways are not our ways and His thoughts are not our thoughts.

In relationships, we will cut and run or self-protect when things go south.  In relationships, God will ask you to press in, process, seek to understand what the other person is saying and feeling in an effort to resolve conflict and heal common hurts.

Whenever you think that a certain choice is the best choice for you, stop and think for a moment about doing the very opposite of what you’re naturally inclined to do.  Most often, that is the choice that God wants you to make.

Self-protection, having to win, lashing out, withdrawal, and anger will not foster healthy relationships.  Vulnerability, humility, gentleness, kindness, concern, understanding, and genuine love are the bedrock of good connections.  And above all, obedience to what God is asking you to do will produce the good fruit of mature, healthy relationships.

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