How Positively Charged Are You?

by myvaadmin on August 5, 2015

How Positively Charged Are You? An Attitude Survey

( From Epic Coaching/Consulting – On Line)

Here is an opportunity for you to figure out how positive or negative you tend to be. Beside each question, write the number that most closely represents how you’d react, most of the time. For the best results, go with your first reaction!!!

3 – Mostly Yes                      2 – Sometimes                     1 – Mostly No

_____ 1. Are you friendly?

_____ 2. Do you try not to complain?

_____ 3. Can you be optimistic when others aren’t?

_____ 4. Do you have a sense of duty and responsibility?

_____ 5. Do you control your temper?

_____ 6. Do you speak well of your employer or your instructor?

_____ 7. Do you feel well most of the time?

_____ 8. Do you follow directions willingly, asking questions when necessary?

_____ 9. Do you keep your promises?

_____ 10. Are you organized?

_____ 11. Do you admit to your mistakes?

_____ 12. Is it easy for you to like most people?

_____ 13. Can you stick to a boring task without being forced to?

_____ 14. Do you know your weaknesses and work to improve them?

_____ 15. Can you take being teased?

_____ 16. Do you try not to feel sorry for yourself?

_____ 17. Are you courteous?

_____ 18. Are you neat in your personal appearance and work habits?

_____ 19. Do you respect other people’s opinions?

_____ 20. Can you adapt easily to new and unexpected situations?

_____ 21. Do you tolerate other people’s beliefs?

_____ 22. Can you stop yourself from sulking when you don’t get your way?

_____ 23. Are you a good listener?

_____ 24. Are you the kind of friend you would like others to be?

_____25. Can you disagree without being disagreeable?

_____ 26. Are you normally on time?

_____ 27. Do you consider yourself to be a courteously?

_____ 28. Do you usually speak well of others?

_____ 29. Can you take being criticized without feeling hurt or resentful?

_____ 30. Do you generally look at the bright side of things?

_____ 31. Can you work with someone you dislike?

_____ 32. Are you pleasant to others even when you aren’t pleased about something?

_____ 33. Are you enthusiastic about other people’s interests?

_____ 34. Do you tend to be enthusiastic about whatever you do?

_____ 35. Are you honest and sincere?

__________ Total (Maximum score: 105)


95 – 105                   Your positives are positively terrific!

75 – 94    Your positives are definitely admirable!

45 – 74    Your positives need work in certain areas.

Below 45 Your positives have almost fizzled out. Take a close look at your attitude.

Did you answer any of the survey questions with a “1”? If you did, select up to five of those areas and list them below:


Positives to Work On


To begin working on your positives, take the following steps for each item on your list:

  • Think about how this attitude may be holding you back.
  • Rewrite the statement as a positive. Example, if # 25 is on your list, rewrite it as, “I can disagree without becoming disagreeable or angry.” Place the positive statement where you will see it often.
  • Starting today, promise yourself that the next time this situation comes up, you will react positively to it … just this once. For example, if number two is on your list and you have the opportunity to complain – don’t!!! Notice how being positive makes you feel. (Remember, you only need to react positively to each situation on your list once a day – unless it feels so good you want to try it more often!) Take the same step tomorrow and the next day.


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