“What a difference my coach made… Murphy is one of the best executive coaches I’ve worked with in my professional career. Her hands-on, practical approach coupled with her counseling background gave me just what I needed when I needed it. Murphy’s personal touch and experience provided a wealth of expertise for me to tap into; she was my thought partner as well as a strategist. She inspired me to become more than a visionary. Thank you Murphy.”  

Priscilla W. Clark, PhD; Director, Center for Organizational Development and Leadership; Federal Occupational Health, Department of Health and Human Services, Washington D.C.


“I have known Murphy for over 20 years. She has an excellent reputation as a counselor/coach and local leader. It is an honor for me to give Murphy my highest recommendation for any of her endeavors.”  

Smith W. Hartley Owner, Editor, and Publisher of the Healthcare Journal of Baton Rouge


“I have never been a “client” or coworker of Murphy’s per se, but my husband and I have learned much from being in classes and small group Bible studies with her and her husband, Mike, for over 10 years. Murphy’s honesty and genuine desire to see people walk in healthy relationships with each other and with God are what impresses me most about her. This is the heart of her counseling ministry and it has developed from her strong, ever-growing relationship with Jesus. God has brought about healing in her life and she is His willing servant and instrument in bringing healing to others. I have recommended Murphy’s counseling services to many friends in their time of need.”   

Cindy Hall, Civil Engineer, ABMB Engineers, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA


“Murphy is authentic, funny, compassionate, to the point and full of integrity. I have counseled with Murphy personally, professionally and have also hired her as a weekend speaker for a large group. She has been so popular and effectual that we have had repeat years. I trust her as a counselor, as a coach and as a friend.”  

Matilda Hunsicker, Hired Murphy as a Conference Speaker, Stuart, VA


“Murphy is more than a counselor and a supervisor; she is a mentor, a spiritual director, and an encourager. Murphy has been all of these to me and touched me in a positive way in each role. Murphy has an uncanny ability to see past the surface and help you see inside yourself. As a supervisor and mentor her encouragement and faith makes you feel you can move mountains. She is warm and loving and immediately puts you at ease (very important in counseling). Murphy has specifically helped me in two special ways. The first was at a retreat I attended where she was the speaker. (Actually the first time I had met her.) Her talks inspired me to step out in faith and change careers and my life. She is a motivational speaker who is anointed with the Holy Spirit. Secondly, she lives her life for God and to me she has been a light and to others she is a beacon. I highly recommend Murphy for speaking engagements, retreats, personal counseling or spiritual direction.”  

Sue J. Miley, MA, MBA, Licensed Professional Counselor, Executive and Personal Coach, Baton Rouge, LA


Recent Testimonials from Grace Life Fellowship Women’s Retreat – February 2013:

“The teaching (Murphy’s) was inspirational and fun.”

“(Murphy) was wonderful!  She knows how to make a point and then let us explore what it means to us.  Plus her fun personality makes the whole experience more enjoyable and relaxing.”

“The teaching was amazing—Murphy did an excellent job.  Please consider having her again next year.”

“Murphy really connects with the group and the free counseling sessions are such a bonus.  I know she has much more to share and other topics to cover.”

“The opportunity to meet with Murphy on a one-to-one basis was wonderful.”

“Murphy was great and I thought it was really awesome of her to provide counseling, which is usually so expensive.”

“Murphy was great—she has an excellent sense of humor!  Loved learning from a Christian counselor.”