If you are interested in personal coaching, these resources will assist you in determining if coaching is for you.  Additionally, if you have already made the decision to pursue personal coaching, the coaching questionnaire below will help you to determine your goals for coaching.

Please let me know if you have any questions, or if you would like to discuss how personal coaching can benefit you.

Coaching Information:

Efficacy of Personal Coaching  – this document provides you with a better understanding of what coaching is and how it can benefit you.

Ready to be Coached – a questionnaire, which helps determine you’re readiness for coaching.

Coaching Questionnaire – this document leads you through a series of reflective questions.  Once completed, you and your coach will discuss your answers.  This process is a “getting to know you” exercise and an aid in determining your coaching goals.

Values List Exercise – #1  – every human being operates with a set of personal values, which direct his/her paths, decisions, goals, and success rates.  This exercise enables you to assess your values and bring what is important back to the forefront of your thoughts, goals and actions.



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College of Executive Coaching