Being The Person God Designed You To Be

by myvaadmin on August 3, 2015

Genesis – 1:28 — God blessed them (Adam and Eve);

and God said to them,

Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth, and subdue it,

and rule over the fish of the sea

and over the birds of the sky

and over every living thing that moves on the earth.’”


What does it mean, “to be fruitful?”

Most often we think it means to produce children.  God is telling Adam and Eve to have children in order to populate the entire earth.

However, it could mean much more when we take the time to consider God’s fullest meaning and intention.

What if God were telling Adam and Eve that He wanted them to be whole and healthy.  He wanted them to live and move; think and speak in ways that don’t just mirror or copy God’s character and personality, but authentically manifest and exude His essence.

You see, God uniquely designed each of us using a specific blueprint, which allows us to manifest Him through our unique personality, intellect, experiences, humor and everything else that comprises what it means to be human.

Fruitful in the dictionary means:

  • Bearing much fruit
  • Producing much; productive; prolific
  • Producing results; profitable
  • Fruitful can also mean to FLOURISH.

To thrive on earth, to flourish, we need to not just know of God, we need to know God and know our need for God.  We need to be connected to Him through our Lord and Savior Jesus.

When we spend time with healthy people and God is the healthiest person we could ever know, we tend to get healthier.  Our old patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving are challenged as we observe how a mature and health person thinks, feels, and behaves.

God wants each of us to become the full expression of the person He designed us to be.   The more we are transformed into the image of Jesus who is the “visible expression of the invisible God,” we will genuinely FLOURISH.

As we FLOURISH, we will be:

  • Fruitful in how we manifest God’s character and essence to those around us
  • Fruitful in advancing His kingdom on earth
  • Fruitful in making disciples
  • Fruitful in spiritual ways that will last forever
  • Fruitful in forming Godly marriages that show the world the love Jesus, our bridegroom, has for His bride (the church)
  • Fruitful in creating families that know and love our Father God

God doesn’t want you to live a life where you are just getting by.  He wants you to be more than a conqueror.  He wants you to FLOURISH.  He wants you to be the man or woman He uniquely designed you to be.

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