Paraphrase of 23rd Psalm

by myvaadmin on August 7, 2015

“God Has My Back” – 23rd Psalm

God has my back – I have everything I need.

God has my back – I sleep comfortably and safely under His protection and watchful eye.

God has my back – I drink from cool, refreshing streams.

God has my back – He heals the deepest parts of me: my traumas, choices, and unseen hurts.

God has my back – He transforms and sanctifies me. He helps me choose right-living and it shows the world His glory, goodness, and power.

God has my back – When I walk through life’s darkest valleys and rough paths, when I face disappointments or tragedies (you know, the things that scare one to death), I am not overcome with fear or evil, because God is right there with me holding my hand and guiding me. He uses His rod and staff to train me and keep me safe.

God has my back – When I face my fiercest foe and most powerful enemy, God demonstrates that I belong to Him by setting up a feast with the best food, fancy Southern china, and silver. My enemies melt with a righteous jealousy. I am God’s child because He called me by name and adopted me into His forever family.

God has my back – He anoints me with oil and sets me apart for specific Godly purposes. His call on my life is continuous. Because of His goodness, God gives me a cup that never runs dry. In fact, I have so much that it literally spills over into the lives of those around me and it can never be taken away.

God has my back – Surely I will live a transformed life. I will be able to rise above life’s difficulties and tragedies. God continually teaches me new ways to think and act. My spiritual life with Him is so secure and stable that it feels as though I’m already living in the house He has built for me in Heaven.

Murphy Toerner

The Chapel at the Oaks Women’s Summer Study – S.I.P. – June 21, 2011

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