New Beginnings – Starting the Year Off Right

by myvaadmin on January 3, 2015

It is the begging of a new year!!!!!  It is universally thought to be a time of reflection and a time of re-orienting our life-course to God’s “true north.”  If there is something in my life that is not pleasing to God, now is the quintessential time to purpose to realign my life and purpose with HIs design for me.When you reflect on the past year, what are some of the things you’ve realized are not pleasing to God?
  • Do you put up a false pretense of yourself to others?
  • Do you pick fights with your spouse?
  • Do you try to “one-up” others?
  • Do you swear too much when no one is looking? (Or drink too much? Or indulge in things you shouldn’t when no one is looking?)
  • Are you too negative?
  • Do you doubt the goodness of God?
  • Have you put God on the back burner?
  • Have you maligned someone and need to make amends?
  • Have you given up on a relationship?
  • Do you over-parent your adult children?
  • Do you equate your personal worth with your latest and greatest performance?
  • Have you blamed a poor relationship on the “other” person, when all along things have gone badly because of your personal character flaws?

How can you rectify all these negatives and begin again?

  1. Acknowledge that you have strayed from God and your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
  2. Ask God to help you become the person He created you to be.
  3. Agree with Him (i.e., confess) that you have failed in your relationships and sinned against those around you.  You’ve “play-acted” being a Christian, but your heart is far from God and you do not love others the way Jesus would.
  4. Ask Jesus to help you live a spiritual “do-over;” a new beginning.
  5. When God shows you something, be faithful and respond to His leading.
  6. Tell someone you trust what God is doing in your life and ask them to be your accountability partner.
  7. Write down every success.  When you align your will with His, make a note of it.  Share your successes and your failures with your accountability partner.

This could be the best year of your life in Christ.  What do you need to do to cooperate with Him and yield to Him?  Having a close personal relationship with Jesus is the only way to make this “new” year the best year ever.

I’m praying for you.

Beside you in Christ, Murphy

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